"FEI YUE travel agency" was formally established in 2012, belonging to the Romania branch of the FEI YUE INTERCOM S.R.L. . With the company in the market for many years of credibility and awareness, as well as the friendly and mutually beneficial network with all sectors of society to establish, in a short span of two or three years, our travel agency become one of Romania's most professional agency . The perennial with domestic tourism companies and travel agencies to act with united strength, to undertake all types of large and small group to reception, we provide enthusiastic services throughout the most thoughtful and considerate, let everybody to play happy, satisfied, and therefore receive visitors and friends the unanimous praise and recognition. We specialize in the visa, air tickets, travel agency, organization and reception, international business conference, hotel reservations, car rental and other services; the tourism personnel have rich experience of more than to Romania Chinese and local people of Romania to China to attend the meeting, business, tourism, provide excellent service, the company has its own luxury tourist bus and local full-time drivers and senior Chinese tour guide, and in different seasons for the guests to arrange different travel routes, will let the friends visit. View>>
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